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injured or sick Kuhli loach


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I saw this kuhli loach not taking cover today. He was just laying on the bottom, looking pale. but the loaches I bought were not all dark. The loach has a white area under the back end edge of it's back fin.  It also has a pale area on it's back maybe a half inch in front of the back fin that is about a half inch long and covers both sides of his back. When the guppies swim by, they peck at the white spot as if it were food. The loach will take off at being pecked and swim up the side of the glass, getting his head as far out of the water as he can.  He has also done this several time in the isolation contain where he is alone, except for a IAL that has been in the tank 2 days and is very soft. sometimes he is under the leaf, other times he is on top.  The other 2 kuhli loach and all the guppies in the tank are behaving normally.

I am not sure if isolating the loach would really stress him. I don't know if he is injured or has an infection that could be contagious. There have been no problem with the water in that tank in over a week. I am checking all my tanks at least twice a day as I am starting to transition them to well water.  That tanks is stocked mostly smallish female guppies has not been over crowded since the batch of females went to the LFS.  

Please Let me know what you think is wrong and how best to treat the loach and / or the tank.

water parms

Nitrate 20 ppm

Nitrite 0 ppm

GH way above scale of 300ppm

Buffere KH 40 ppm

pH 6.6

no chlorine

temp 81 f


You can see the spot best in this photo


This one shows the spot and the pale area668611412_kh5.jpg.f91cf555e575d18ab3bbc6ac23f11323.jpg

Here are other shots from different angles. These guys t not like to hold still at all





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@Colu my husband says the spot under the fin is fuzzy. It might be from the guppies pecking at it, or might be why they were pecking. I can't find anything on any other fish in that tank. I put new warm water from the tank into his container. He is not interested in the blood worms I thawed in my finger tips. He looks very tired. I have the container on my leg to keep it  warm.

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@colu I just found a home for the last of my female guppies. That is the tank he came from. I'm worried if I put him in the tank, they will keep pecking him and they will get sick. After I said he looked tired, he dashed around the container, trying to get out. He is resting under the IAL now.

@Colu I don't see any redness anywhere on him. The pale patch might be part of his markings.

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