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Hey all, things have gotten a bit out of control in a tank that I have I honestly don’t know what to do about it so I’m hoping if I post a pic or 2 someone more knowledgeable then me can kinda give me some step by step instructions on the direction I can take to clean it up, started as a planted tank, now it’s planted just not in the substrate, the floaters, stems, duckweed and everything else have completely blacked the tank out, help lol903CFB14-14EF-4D12-8049-2BE802BC318F.jpeg.03cefb0452c5c25b5d375199f7072947.jpegB4B65C18-EB5A-4BDF-99B7-DCE96C8BEDD2.jpeg.8d037125cf398bd88b76f3dd7bfbe61d.jpeg

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