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Quarantine Emerged plants?

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I bought a lot of plants from a local plant growing company. They grow all their plant emerged, and when you order them, they put them in a some fresh water for a few hours then mail them.

seeing as they are never in contact with any fish/snails, can I skip the quarantining process? I tend to kill my plants when I quarantine them so if I can avoid it…

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I give my new plants a good rinse and then let them sit in a bucket of water for a hour or so in room temperature before moving into whatever aquarium they are going in. I also have put them in with just a quick rinse. I get my plants from my LFS, Aquarium Co Op, & LBR Aquatics the worst thing I’ve seen is MTS, Ramshorn Snails, & Bladder Snails which I welcome. 

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