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What is my crayfish eating?


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I have an electric blue crayfish; he (I think???) is about 5 1/2" -6" long. Not fully grown. I keep him in a 20 long with the water temp at 76 (I have other fish in there), the pH at about 7.0. The tank is overrun with ramshorn snails; they are EVERYWHERE. I try to feed him Hikari Carnivore pellets and Bug Bites sinking pellets, but in the morning all I see is a bunch of snails all over his food. I wonder how he is still alive, and what he eats. I've seen him searching for food, and his eyes point up and forwards and he can't see what his claws are doing, so he picks clumsily and randomly at the substrate to find something to eat. I'm kind of worried for him; I used to feed him frozen food (that was months ago), but that mucked up my tank too badly. I just wonder if he's getting enough to eat. Does he eat the snails? But I can't imagine him picking apart a snail with that level of coordination...😑  

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