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Sponge filter screwup


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18 hours ago, TJB5280 said:

Not sure how I did it but I misplaced the uplift tube of one of my Aquarium Co-op sponge filters. Anyone know how I can get a replacement? 

If you have a local plumbing/hardware store, maybe take the filter there.  They might be able to "size up" a small piece of PVC to make it work, if you don't mind possibly a different color, etc.  Good luck..

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@TJB5280 maybe try your local hardware or home improvement store. If pvc pipe won't fit, try some pvc tubing. The clear stuff. A short length of that might be flexible enough to fit over the top and stiff enough to act as the top tube.

as @KoolFish97 mentioned, it will still work without the tube. The tube acts as a 'duct' to help increase the flow.

Good luck with coming up with a solution.

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