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Meds that I can use in a planted shrimp tank if ever in need


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Wanted to know if API general cure safe to use in my shrimp tank. Or what types of medicine that I can use if I ever need for parasites or bacteria in a planted shrimp tank. Without having to use a hospital tank either where that I would have to  pull each and every individual shrimp out to quarantine. I would like to do the whole entire tank at once.

**Those are the meds that I am really interested in to know about. 

Thank goodness I don't have any issues in my Shrimp tank. But I would like to have and know about if ever anything do ever come up that I have available at hand when needed. Thank you! 

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I've used fritz maracyn, paracleanse and expel-p without issues with my shrimp. Have treated the whole system before, shrimp, snails, fish and plants without removing anyone with little issue. Will say this, if you need to use expel-p, I would follow the direction as to time of treatment, didn't effect the complex life in my tank, but seemed to negatively impact the beneficial bacteria in there.

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