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Chronic Guppy Disease - Sores/Swelling


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I have a 29 gallon planted aquarium that I am attempting to use as a guppy breeding tank. On one hand, I am quite succesful in producing lots of guppy fry. However, recently I have been having issues with chronic deaths in the tank. These are occuring on an approximately weekly basis, are accompained with consistent symptoms, and has been ongoing for approximately a month and half. I know this seems like a long to be losing fish for but that is only because I cannot seem to determine the root cause. 

Here are my water parameters: 
Temperature - 76.4 degrees 
TDS - 384 ppm 
PH - 7.4
GH - 14dgk
KH - 4dkh
Ammonia - 0ppm
Nitrite - 0ppm
Nitrate - 40ppm

I change 25 % of the water once a week. I dose with easygreen and seachem potassium (I noticed some deficiencies). Additionally, I have started supplementing the water column with seachem equilibrium at water changes to increase GH. My tap water is about 7 dGH and considering guppies typically appreciate hard water I thought boosting that up a bit may help the problem. Unfortunately, that has not been the case so far. Although, I have only started this practice about 2 weeks ago so perhaps its effects have not fully materialized

Here is a picture of a sick fish:

Many of the fish that become sick and ultimately die present with very similar symptoms. They initially become lethargic, after 2-4 days I may notice some red discoloration on the side and beginning of dropsy, after this these symptoms progress to a more serious state and the fish stops eating. I typically lose the effected animal with a week of noticing the initial symptoms. 

When I first acquired these fish they were subjected to the quarantine trio. I have also included a picture of the tank below in case that offers any additional clues.

I really love guppies and enjoy the experience of watching them breed. However, this disease has significantly hampered my ability to appreciate these fish. If anyone can offer me any insight into this disease I can assure you it will mean a world of difference in my hobby. Thank you greatly! 


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