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here is an update on the 20 gallon i set up at the end of summer!

SC Fish

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just realised i never actually updated you all on how the endler guppy moving went and if i even did it.


i did, i did countless hours of research , asked the professionals at my local maidenhead aquatics (uk fish store) and i decided  to buy 6 new guppy's (ended up with 7 because they didn't count the bag and i got it for free) for the 20 gallon (2 types) plus the 3 endlers i had.

They went in on Friday last week (21st) and they seem to be ok! even with the 2 types of guppy's mixed together. 


The shrimp where fine as well, i concluded they preferably died during shedding (got stuck in their shell or something) or ran out of food. not because they where killed. and i think i was right! they are not interested in the shrimp at all.


now the community tank is really feeling like a community tank.

4 types of platys , 7 neon tetras , 10 guppies , 3 amano and 1 cherry shrimp. loving this 20 gallon. 

any suggestions on further stocking? - already looking at getting more shrimp.

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On 10/26/2022 at 4:12 PM, TheSwissAquarist said:

Nice! Any chance of any female being added to the mix, or is that not on the cards?

the sunburst used to be in a 10 gallon with lots of females, he was the only male, and they where having lots of fry. so i move him out so the tank didnt get overcrowded , so it would defeat the purpose lol

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