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New to the hobby and a couple questions


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D90D3D74-73C9-4C87-9A64-605CF09EB69E.jpeg.d9d7b6769e1ae2935ceac441d0117fe0.jpegHi everyone!  I’m so glad I found Cory an Aquarium Co Op.  The videos and forums have been super helpful in getting back on track.  Just wanted to introduce myself and the kids.  I have a tall 37 gal planted tropical community aquarium.  Running a medium sponge filter and hot rodded a top fin hob 40 with a coarse sponge prefilter and two coarse sponge cutouts for inside.  The tank has 1 juvenile angelfish, 3 dwarf cobalt blue gourami, 5 red coral platty, 5 albino corys, 1 hillstream loach, 1 giant mystery snail and 1 nerite snail.  Been running like this for 4 months or so.  Do I have enough filtration for the bio load?  I’m pretty sure I’m pushing the limits on tank size as well.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  










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28 minutes ago, Fishkeeper125 said:

I think you are good. The bio load is fish waste, and beneficial bacteria is all over your tank, so it shouldn't be a big issue. A bigger problem would be nitrate build up. 

I’ve been running around 20 ppm nitrates with weekly 25% water changes.  

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Love those teacup Platties, they are really well colored!! Angels and Gourami's are not the typical fish you see in thesame tank, but maybe I am just a purist. 

If you keep weekly water changes I don't see nothing wrong with bio load and such. 

Good luck and welcome!!

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10 hours ago, darkG said:

The coarse sponge prefilter doesn't cover though. I would guess it doesn't do much?

What small plant is it bottom right?

Interesting gravel 😎

Ya I ordered the medium from co op.  Need to order the large prefilter instead.  

I’ll let my 5 year old know you like the gravel.  I let him pick it out lol.  

The bottom right plant is not real.  Just fake plastic that came with the fake wood.  Been looking for a cool wood piece just need to find the right one.  I’m too picky.  

Thanks for the reply 👍🏼

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