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Bubble inside a bettas fin?!?!


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Hey guys…. This is a new one for me… it appears my betta has a bubble trapped in his ventral fin… my question is… how the heck?!?! Is it a cyst? Is it actual air? This tank has always had what appear to be tiny tiny bubbles swirling about but I’ve never considered it a problem… maybe it is? 
10 gal tank with 1 small sponge filter & air stone, 1 betta, 4 panda corydoras, 5 amano shrimp, 2 nerite snails and 100’s of mini ramshorn snails.

temp 78.4

nitrate ~20ppm

nitrite 0

pH 7.8

ammonia 0

Coop test strip hardness 150

Coop test strip buffer 80

Coop test strip chlorine 0






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Hey! I forgot to update… I checked on him again that night before lights out and the bubble was gone. My guess is he got a bubble caught in the curly edges of his fins. He must have managed to dislodge it? Still seems a bit odd to me though that this can happen 🤷‍♀️Lol. I’m just happy he’s ok!

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This used to happen to my betta too! I had forgotten all about it until I saw this. I remember doing so much googling and finding so little information, but I do recall reading something about cysts from minor fin injuries. They always went away within a day or two. He did end up developing some fin issues eventually though. Maybe double check the tank for anything that could be hurting your betta's fins, just to be safe?

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