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Trying to find a light that works, for plants AND my design theme.


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I am currently putting together a home-made tank and stand, and am trying to find some flexible LED lights that could be used on the underside of a glass lid.

(Don't worry, pics of the 'completed' project will be coming!)

The tank is only about 25ish gallons and about 14 inches deep when empty, I assume it would be 11 inches or so when scaped and substrated. My lid will be 34 inches wide and I am hoping to be able to affix it to the inside of the lid, so I can effectively 'hide' the lights and the wiring when the lid is closed, adn my first thought was some of the trimmable led strips, but they all aren't very water resistant. The lid canopy will actually have a 2.5inch gap for gas exchange and to hide the routing for the wires and tubing for the filter and heater. Now is when my inexperience with lighting - Specifically the levels, spectrums, and what they all mean. I only in the last year started planting my tanks and I'm not going back! I have been poking around Amazon and wonder if any of you fine folks have had any suggestions or experience with some more unique lighting solution?

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