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I seeking a new kind of wheeled 30 gallon bucket to preform future water changes with in the USA. Any pointers?


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To elaborate I am trying to make water changes easier on myself because I have a 47 gallon and 75 gallon tank and moving 5 gallon buckets is a pain with spillage.

I have already checked out the no spill system hosing but unfortunately I do not have a compatible sink, and the hose outside needs to be off in winter. 

Is there a good trash can or equivalent that will be good for water changes and can be moved around by wheels? 

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I'm a newb and I had the idea to buy a 32g Brute and wheeled dolly for water changes.  30g of water does not roll very well on carpet or engineered wood flooring.  It can be done, but be very careful.

I decided to leave my 32g stationary in a closet about 30' away from my tank.  I got this submersible pump with 25' of head lift and it works great!


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Yep, makes life much easier.  It includes a very fancy barrel fill system, too.  At my house with excessive animals (dogs, cats, birds) the wheels do get a bit jammed with hair and I have to turn the whole thing over outside and use the hose on jet to blast away and pick away to remove hair from the wheel axles of the dolly.  That’s always a fun project.  🙄  I desperately need hard floors and robot vacuum!  How am I supposed to change floors with a couple hundred gallon tanks in the living room?  😆 😂 🤣 

Oh, and don’t try to fill the barrel too full and then roll it.  The tiniest bump will slosh water all over.  I can fill this “32 gallon” barrel to about 27 gallons and still roll it OK but no more than that.  If you have smoother floors, you could probably go higher.  I’m sure you can see the hard water line where I usually fill it.  When I first started using the barrel I measured 5 gallons using a one gallon pitcher into a 5 gallon jug, poured that into the barrel, then used a fine point scribe to very firmly mark a line at the top of the water level, then refilled my 5 gallon jug to the right level, poured, scribed, etc, so each 5 gallons has a line scribed inside the barrel up to 25 gallons.  This makes it handy for mixing tap and RO for me so I have a better idea of my hardness/TDS in my mix.  My water is very hard so I just mix it with RO instead of using RO plus re-mineralizer for everything.




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