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Not sure what is wrong with my fish (and have babies!)


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I’m so sad. My 14 gallon community tank has been thriving. Shrimp mold regularly, I even have 10 baby antlers in a breeding net in there who are doing amazing as well. BUT...

-One female Endler suddenly has a discoloration (possible Ich spot? Possibly not)

- other Endler (The mama of the 10 babies) was doing some flashing last night. First time I’ve seen that.

-this morning I did a 40% water change to lower nitrates and give them fresh water, and afterwards my betta, Who is usually super curious and always the first one up for food, went down into the plants when I fed them afterwards and just rested for a minute.

I’m new to this hobby (since July). My tank was doing beautifully for about a month or so and I thought I was out of the woods. Now I really have no idea how to treat them! I do not have a quarantine tank.


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