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No Power - a test of my UPS system


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Here is a experiment that I didn't intend to run today. My power just went out.

My entire fishroom is on couple of large(ish) uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). One is an APC Smart-UPS 2200 and one is an APC Smart-UPS 3000.

I have always wondered how long will they keep the whole room running during an outage?

You can see all the equipment plus my computer are still up and running as of now. But for how long?




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Well one super big thing in your favor is it isn't cold! I think the heaters running is one of the biggest factors. So if the temperature in your house is rising especially in that room I think 6 might be reachable? And as bill said I'd turn off any extra power drawls.

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Bill responded first 😉
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Experiment over, power came back on. Result of this trial was - it will run at least 1 hour. And the 1930s tank of course didn't miss a beat. 🙂

I just checked the available storage on the 2 UPS's

  • APC Smart-UPS 2200 was at 68%
  • APC Smart-UPS 3000 was at 61%

Only 1 tank has a heater, 2 tanks have filters. So the the primary consumer of power was the computer.


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Oh, I like this thread!!

I have considered getting a UPS several times as we get frequent power outages where I live late-Fall through Spring.

I do have a Honda inverter generator, but it would be great to have a UPS power the linear piston air pumps while I futz around with getting the generator outside, connected to the outdoor outlet, and flipping circuits from line to gen.

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It looks like it would have gone at least 2 hours but likely not have made it to the 3rd hour. I could have shutdown the computer and switched over to a laptop. And the 3 40 breeders in the bottom row didn't need to have lights on.

If it were in danger of getting cold I have a wood stove that would keep the downstairs warm.

If I whittled it down to just air pumps needing power, I bet I could keep the USB nano air pumps going for quite a long time.

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That big storm that is moving across the East coast is moving hard through our area right now.

Power went out again at 11:22 am. The 2200 Va was at 78% and the 3000 Va was 91%. So one more opportunity for an experiment.

I have figured out what I really care about....Brine shrimp! I am about to move the cones over to where I can run USB nano air pumps. I didn't even think about the BBS yesterday, but the power outage didn't kill it.

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1 minute ago, Ben Ellison said:

Well that's a fair bit of run time. Was that with lights on or off? I bet with some insulation you could extend it a good bit. I'm guessing filters and heaters are the biggest draw by a huge margin

They would be if I had any...2 out 14 have sponge filters. 1 heater.

None of the rest have heaters or filters.

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