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Hello From Detroit

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High new here just decide to join. Hoping to dig around on the message boards for useful information and maybe try to help others out. Been keeping fish for 30 years. Still trying to get more successful with low tech planted tanks. Did high tech co2 tanks for a while but I'm trying to achieve a less labor intensive aquarium. I have 4 tanks set up. I have a small collection of plecos blue phantom, Para Pleco, and a pair of leopard frogs. Been thinking about starting a leopard frog breeder set up. I've bread a few fish over the years Blue Rams and Africans. I have a 75 gallon full of Roseline Sharks along with some Panda Gara's and a Blue Acara. I have a 55 gallon low tech planted tank and everything is doing fine. I have some Dicrossus Filimintosa's and a school of Rummynose Tetras.

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