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Fluval Flex 15g Light Upgrade


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Thanks for the reply everyone!

With the Fluval Flex + Vivid Mini, its actually blocks Chamber 2 where i cant use the intank chamber 2 insert i recently bought. Im looking for a less intensive light that I can actually go on top of the tank, and so it won't block the chamber insert. 

Excluding the sump extra, the tank size is 11'L X 16'w  X 12'H to Substrate.

Im think of going with a Hygger light, but dont know the size to get. Im guess this one 20 Watt (12 in to 18inch) should be good enough?


Amazon.com : hygger Aquarium Programmable LED Light, for 12~18in Long Full Spectrum Plant Fish Tank Light with LCD Setting Display, 7 Colors, Sunrise Sunset Moon and DIY Mode, for Novices Advanced Players : Pet Supplies

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