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Recommendation on a pump for a utility sink install - also any experience doing so would be great.


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I finally get to put in a utility sink with pump and run plumbing to the fishroom side of the basement, no more python up to the first floor bathroom!  What I now need is recommendations or experience.  I want to avoid mishaps.  Fist off what type of pump should I use for the sink inline or sump/drain pump?  Sink.jpeg.bbdd35c24c5d091436e6be3596096c37.jpegsimer.jpeg.d81906d9076df01d3cdfc5905c6d7091.jpegsub.jpeg.033ce61184bc9e4852bcb8abb4b65012.jpeg

As you can see there are different types and kinds.  Power, pump height, and gallons per min is to be considered.  I also would like to do an automatic water change system for phase two of the project.  So please any ideas or thoughts are appreciated.

Many thanks,  Tedrock

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I have a utility in my basement right next to my office where I have 5 tanks. It's been there for years, I didn't install it for this purpose, but it works great and keeps up with all the water changes, dumping 5 gallon buckets at a time it drains pretty quick. Here is what it looks like. 





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