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angelfish pair breeding questions


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i have a pair of koi angelfish the male is decent sized i would say mouth to tail 4 inches the female is about 1/2 his size.  they started laying eggs and were on there 3rd time each time they eat the eggs although the last time the eggs were gone in 24 hours.  i am not looking to pull the eggs yet bc i am not ready to deal with all the fry.  I also heard they might parent the eggs my hope is to let them at it and maybe one day get a few fry.  also in the tank i have a few guppies and 2 cribs.  45 gallon high.  ok finally my question

the male is constantly fighting with the female.  chases her they lock jaws pins her in the corner its super abusive.  i am scared for her.  her tail fin is always beat up i am constantly dosing metalix  each week.  will he kill her?  i got them as Nickle sized fish in early April I am surprised they are breeding so fast.   

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