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How many White Cloud Mountain minnows in a 20 long?


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I’d say a dozen seems about right. Is the tank planted? If so, it’ll be fairly easy to keep 12 or so with a BN pleco. PS you’re going to love White Clouds, they may be the most underrated fish in the hobby. Maybe. Enjoy. 

I just reread and since it will be planted, you will be fine, enjoy. 

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White Clouds are pretty low bio load fishies. I think you could top out at 20 or even more if you’ve got fast growing plants to remove the nitrate in there. 

20 Long is one of my favorite form factors. It is the perfect balance of swim length, space, and cost for smaller critters. I like 33 Longs and 75 & 125 reg for the same reasons. 

I have 2 normal fin white clouds in my unheated 1 gallon heavily planted office tank, and I will reiterate that they are one of the most underrated fish in the hobby. Beautiful colors when healthy, and their displays and behavior remind me of little Rainbowfish. 

good luck, take pictures! 

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