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Breeding artemia to adults


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I regulary breed some artemia-eggs to Naupuli but I would like to raise some of them to a bigger size.

Any tips?

I tried, using tap-water, checked ph to be 8, added salt (1table-spoon sea-salt/ liter)

I also gave the naupuli some spirulina-powder (mixed with water, adding it as drops).

4Liter aquarium, water temp 27°C, little bubler with big bubbles on an slow rate.

What should I do differently?

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There are multiple videos on how to raise brine shrimp on YouTube. One of the "secrets" seems to be a powdered food called Selco. It's been around since the 1980s and seems to be commonly used on a commercial basis. You also have to remember it's also still a fish tank with all of the issues with a regular tank. 

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