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does the brand of water conditoner matter?

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I would check the dosage best way to work out if it's cheaper is check the number of litres or gallons it treats.

I've used loads of different ones over the years and prime was most cost effective because it's only a few millilitres to dose my tank. Some require you to add a lot more.

However I did consider them all to be effective at removing chlorine. Some seem to do extra stuff (metals and ammonia blocking) but I'm only buying for the dechlorinator really. 

If you are really looking to save money on dechlorinator have a read of this thread by @HH Morant they have moved to using the raw active agent.


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I used to use Prime, but switched to Fritz Complete as they’re basically the same thing and Complete is the better value. Prime price has skyrocketed recently and I just couldn’t justify the price anymore. 

While I don’t necessarily *need* the ammonia blocking properties of either of them at this point, it’s still nice to have when you DO need it. Also, when I bag fish for sale it’s nice to put a couple drops in the bag. Makes me feel better anyways knowing that they’ll be safe in the bag for transport. 

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