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I've got a very odd pest of some sort in my tank


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On 10/11/2022 at 11:25 AM, xXInkedPhoenixX said:

I'm kinda wondering if they are baby scuds?

I've never had any so I don't know what they look like in person.

Baby scuds look like big scuds but smaller and a bit less “shelled” when extra tiny.  I have no idea what those are but I can’t imagine that most any fish that eats from the surface wouldn’t munch them.

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If you’re talking about the little teeny tiny white things that are opening and closing their shell to move or so it looks it’s probably copepods or ostracods seed shrimp.  
my eyes are so bad the only thing I see in that video is what looks like a miniature cheese puff floating on the top🤣

90% of the small microfauna  that you can see it’s completely harmless fish food I wouldn’t worry about it unless your critters are showing some type of distress

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@Pepere How are you stocked?

Everytime I cut back on the fish food the snails attack the plants. I have been baiting the snails with an algae wafer in a long handled ladle with holes in it. I let it sit a few hours or overnight and pulling the snails out on the ladle. It makes it clear that those snail come for a lot of fish food that didn't need to go into the tanks.

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