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3 Months Progression of 10 Gallon

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I got inspired to go back and find the first picture I had taken of my tank. I forgot how it started! It's been more and more of a jungle ever since. I actually did a trim last night, and planted pieces of the Pogostemon stellatus floating in front. 

You can barely see it, but there's a Bacopa caroliniana in the back which I'm trying to let grow out. It has never been trimmed, but everything else around it is constantly being trimmed.  

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@TheSwissAquarist Those are the gold variety of White Cloud Mountain Minnows. I think they're very beautiful. They are very fun to watch. The males are always chasing each other and flaring their fins. The females mostly just eat and stay really plump with eggs. I have one who is the definite "alpha" male, and he has gotten very deeply red around his fins and face. 


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