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Does size matter?


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So, early in my recent hobby reboot (about a year ago), I went to the local aquarium store (not a big box) and was picking out a tank for my daughter’s room (eye roll, I know). The clerk recommended a 2.5 gallon with a few White Cloud Mountain Minnows. We bought four on her recommendation. Id never heard of White Clouds at that point.

I set up the tank in the photo, using the Iwagumi style as inspiration. Things went well mostly. One of the White Clouds was bent (likely a kull candidate) and of course my daughter fell in love with her. 

Since then, I have been breeding white clouds in a 22 gallon, and have come to the realization that they never had any business in a 2.5 gallon. It causes aggression between the males (beyond the normal and super cool “flashing”) and they don’t have the space I have come to see they need. 

I now use the small tank for Bent, named by my daughter, and a revolving assortment of 2/3 fry as they grow up (at which point they go back to the 22 gallon, or a new home if I have too many. 

Bent, her shrimp and snail buddies, and her small friends seem happy, but I’m still not sure about the small size and am disappointed they sell White Clouds recommended in such small tanks. I don’t want to add Bent to the big tank, as I’m not sure if her deformity is genetic. Do you think she is okay living out her days the way I’m doing it?




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Hi @ricbennett3! I agree. Pet store employees are sadly lacking in their knowledge of fish keeping. They try so I don't try and diss them- some of them are limited to what the store has "taught" them and a lot of them don't even have fish. I had a big box employee tell me Nerites are prolific breeders- this was totally unsolicited advice that I already knew was incorrect- my correcting him gently did not seem to phase him (meaning it looked like he still thought he was right). 

So all that said, for that fish, yes too small. 

BUT, I think Bent would be ok where she is, what a lovely home for a fish that most people would overlook or like you said, "cull". Maybe you can add one or 2 other females to the tank to keep her company if you felt really guilty. Or maybe a couple of friendly guppies for some action (not mixed gender though- no breeding!) 

Of course if the fry you move are very small you might consider who is in there so they don't get eaten- unless you don't mind that. 

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