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Sick Fish possible fungal?

Zach K

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My Tuscano tetra began to have what I thought to be a fungal infection, I treated with marcyn, but only had three doses (I have since ordered more) And today I noticed a white lump on my oto cat whom I have had for years, and has been very healthy. I’m thinking about treating the whole tank with Maracyn. Thoughts or comments? These fish are not new nor have I introduced any new fish, so it seem to come out of the blue, water parameters are good. I did remove some apistos fry recently to sell, but that all.





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I'm seeing spots on the tetras that look more like Ich or Epistylis to me. I believe Ich-X is the preferred treatment however I've never used it as it isn't available in the UK.

So I use Protozin which has malachite green and copper as it's active ingredients.

Either way you'll be treating the whole tank if you had infected fish in there as it can live in the substrate. It's kinda like treating for fleas on dog you have to treat it's bed as well.

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That looks more like Epistylis that feed's off the gram negative bacteria on your fish and spreads more quickly at higher temperatures the most effective treatment is kanaplex in food and ick x to treat the tank  you can add kanaplex to repashy for your Otto's the medication isn't very heat resistant so add the medication Once the repashy start to thicken a bit @Zach K


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