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Scape ideas for a shallow but long tank


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So I am making a custom tank to fit the last available shelf on my fish rack. The dimensions will be 40 inches long, 20 wide, 10 tall. This is similar to a 50 gallon lowboy at 48x24x10 and I have looked at pictures of that for ideas but there are not many out there it seems. I also understand some of the appeal of a 50 gallon lowboy is viewing from the top, but I'd also like to have a nice viewing experience from the front as well. Typically I scape my tanks with a nice large centerpiece of driftwood and plant around that, but I think a different approach may be better suited for this dimension of tank. How might you scape this 35 gallon lowboy type of tank? Pictures, themes, plants, and any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂

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