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dose any one have an arowana here?


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I had one way back in the distant past. (Maybe forty years ago now?) I had an empty fifty-gallon tank and wasn't sure what to do with it. I was wandering around one of our bigger fish stores then in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania called World Wide Aquariums and talking with the manager and he suggested an Arowana as they were getting in some baby ones in a couple of weeks. I thought, "Why not?" I bought five hundred feeder guppies for the tank (which was heavily planted and fully cycled.) Then went back when the Arowanas arrived. I knew to get one with a yolk sac still attached and did so. (At that time, they were around $9.99 for babies.)  He went in with the five hundred feeder guppies (which with fry were probably closer to five thousand at that time) and just swam around watching them until the yolk sac was absorbed. Then it became a feeding frenzy for him. Within a year he was over eighteen inches long. He'd plowed through the feeder guppies in a couple of months and then graduated to small feeder goldfish. He got moved to a bigger tank and was about 22 inches long when he jumped one night and crashed into the top of the tank and died. 

He was probably the meanest fish I've ever kept. I had to keep a net between him and my hand whenever I did anything in the tank. He'd attack your hand and even with the net he'd try to swim around it to get to you. Very neat looking fish though. Having kept one, I'm over it now. They aren't overly personable. They look impressive, but they're pretty much just an eating machine and don't show much personality. They're a good showpiece fish and fascinating to watch, but not much else. Oscars, Midas cichlids, and other cichlids are much more "fun" fish. At least to me.


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Just got one actually, very young one, he is set to be the king of my 210 tank.

Yes, I know I only have about a year or two before he may be too big for that size tank - Hoping to get something custom by then, but I always wanted one and really love their graceful swimming... and it was 20 bucks at the show in Chicago...


Luckily I already accidentally started a guppy/endler colony in the tank when transferring some plants, so he will have something to hunt, but he is already eating pellets and shrimp.

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On 10/12/2022 at 9:56 AM, TheSwissAquarist said:

What does the scape in your 210 gal look like, @Luciferkrist?

Still having a hard time getting good pictures on it, always shows up yellowish for some reason. Still waiting for the plants to fill in, added some recently, and ahve a new red lotus bulb growing now as well!


He is hiding behind the gourami on the left.

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