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Never use API Algfix


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I had used this product. In my shrimp tank.  Cause I was getting look like black hair Alge in my tank. And realized that it's harmful to shrimp. Did an a water change right away soon as I realized what I did. And yes I lost just 1 shrimp. Thank goodness it was just 1 and not all my cherry Shrimp. Still getting more cherry shrimp coming soon for this tank. Realizing what I did. So after a water change I did a black out of my tank for a day and a half. Feed them today a picture while eating. And seem they are doing ok. 

Sorry the picture loaded upside down... 


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In general, API fish products are terrible! I would never recommend them to anyone. I bought the API fish food once, and then later found out that it has COPPER in it and BHT. It killed my snail and I could tell my Betta wasn't doing well on it either. I also have the suspicion that it was the cause of several live plants dying as well. 

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