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Endlers with Honey gourami?


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I think it'll work out pretty well.

Personally, I'd consider adding a couple more honey gouramis into the mix. They seem to do best when kept in small groups, IME. As long as the tank is planted (or, at least has plenty of hiding spaces) I think you'll do just fine.

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IME, Honey's aren't aggressive at all. I've heard of males fighting before, though, so YMMV. If you want to play it safe, it may be worth it to track down a group of females or a male/female pair.

I think you can get away with the cories, too, although I'd be pretty careful about your water parameters and such at that point. I wouldn't attempt such a heavily-stocked tank without planting it, personally.

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I am going to plant it a lot. Do you think I could have two  gouramis would be ok or would I need more?  

I would be geting 

6 endlers

2 honey  gouramis female

6 juili corys


1 Perler weed mat 

3 Java fern

1 Crsimas moss


 3 Moss balls

typo, I be getting a   Pearl weed mat

I used a Aquarium Stocking Calculator 

and it said 102 % stocked but putting some plants in would help it.

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Either list of fish would work, IMO.

I'd add some stem plants or floaters into the tank to help out with water parameters a bit.

I think two gourami would be fine.  If you did have issues, you'd have to be prepared to separate them or add more gourami to break up the aggression. I've never had that issue with Honeys but I'm sure it's happened.

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I have done Honey Gourami with regular guppies without any issues in a 10 without any issues. I also wouldn’t worry to much about stocking percentages if it’s going to be a planted tank, as long as you keep up on maintenance it won’t be an issue. A side not though if your our counting on that gourami tanking care of fry, mine never touched them.

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