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How to breed Neon Tetras?


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I would start out feeding them either infusoria or paramecium for the first week or so.

Peat works well for lowering Ph, but you have to start with water that has negligible mineral hardness or Kh, like rain or RO water.

I've never bred neons, but the tetras I have bred have similar requirements. I feed paramecium exclusively during the first week, then switch to vinegar eels and paramecium for the next couple weeks. I keep up the paramecium because some fish are still smaller than others and hiding in the moss, plants, etc.

I don't switch to BBS or anything larger until I can see the fry starting to emerge from the moss in larger numbers. Then I do a couple small sample pipettes of BBS and see if they are taking it or not before I start switching them over.

The switch is gradual and I keep up the vinegar eels, and slowly ween off the paramecium. Then I slowly ween off the vinegar eels until it's just BBS. Then I do the same with crushed flake, etc. Ween off one food while graduating to the next. I'd say the whole process takes about a month or so.

Be prepared to fail a couple times before you have it all dialed in.

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