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Betta's fins and scales are looking strange


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Hi all. My favorite betta has something going on with his scales and fins. His scales are either changing color to white or are covered in tiny flecks of white. 20221006_143637-01.jpeg.aef17f71a84fb6af457e425a4c7429c7.jpegHis fins have started looking old and kind of pruney. 20221006_143621-01.jpeg.baa88da08b5594c2030ac3a7c325ce8c.jpegHe is a blue marble so at first I thought that he was just changing because of the marble gene, but recently I noticed his bottom fin has what looks like bubbles or bumps. 20221006_143706-01.jpeg.4f5cc78f62d638d08fbaf9732a0a9fec.jpegHe has always had a grey patch under his chin but it has spread and darkened and his mouth has white flecks too. 20221006_161823_012_saved-01.jpeg.fd18714b849fd706a014b878ddb8e7ce.jpeg20221006_161849_005_saved-01.jpeg.fdcbccadb19893f29d312fa2b473c250.jpegHe used to have a huge appetite but last month I treated the tank he was in with Paracleanse (for a stunted kuhli loach I could not catch in there). Since then his appetite has been less but he is also much slower to eat the food like he can't see it as well as he used to. I did notice some white flecks on his eyes in the pictures. 20221006_143618-01.jpeg.d0623c05bd904f6c0fb9b1627943b476.jpegI am hoping someone can tell me what could be making his fins look wrinkly and his scales to look like they are covered in white flecks.

Water Parameters:

pH: 7.8

Nitrates: 5

Hardness: 150

Nitrite: 0

Ammonia: 0

KH/Buffer: 50

Water Temperature: 78F

I've had him since May. These pictures show how he has changed since then. 20220506_142813_030_saved-01.jpeg.0aa61fc070dc8bef3584ee64af1c824d.jpeg20220628_220532_023_saved-01.jpeg.6089778e5cfec659fb21bf3ab4d1be1a.jpeg20220809_193717-01-01.jpeg.0a9d7665c0bbb0c4438698abf44714b3.jpeg20220809_193800-01-01.jpeg.85a5ced7eac21acdf35e11e1e1455bbf.jpeg

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First off he’s very beautiful, even with the white patches. Marble has always been my favorite. 

I forget which strand will cause colorations to change. I believe it is platinum and marble. These two genes together usually create this sort of look. That’s what it could be essentially however that doesn’t explain him losing his appetite. The white specks might just be a part of his color pattern and because their developing near the eyes it may be effecting his vision when he comes to find  the food at the surface or seeing when your near. How old is your Betta because maybe age has something to do with it and the texture of his fins, like when a cat gets old their hair gets matted and oily. 
 Since he’s still eating and doesn’t seem to look bloated. I would say give it a few more weeks or so and make more observations on his condition. If he’s young I would tag @Colu since he is much more experienced than I. This could still be a product from him being young as well. If his color patterns are still developing. You could possibly consider using salt just to help overall health in the future if his condition worsens.

what’s his diet like? Is it varied? And how long have you had him?

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Thanks @Hally M. for your reply. I'm am relived to hear that his coloration may just be changing. He could be getting old. I have no idea how old he was when I got him last May at petco. He has always been super active, swimming back and forth all of the time non stop but recently he has been taking breaks. I feed him mostly Hikari betta bio-gold and frozen brine shrimp and blood worms at least twice a week. He has also been munching on the Hakari sinking pellets that I feed my kuhli loaches. I put him in a 3 gal quarantine tank with some salt. He seems happy. I'll just keep an eye on him for a while.

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can't see anything in. Your picture to be worried about  it's common for Betta's to change color as they get older I think this what's happening if he's active eating ok if he's not showing any odd behavior such as rapid breathing hanging near the surface listlessness  loss of appetite then I wouldn't worry @Liquidsky

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