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Sick Electric Blue Acara


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Hey everyone, 

Ive been treating my sick electric blue acara for the past 2 weeks now.


I removed him from the display tank when I noticed he stopped eating (originally being the tank boss), and he had somewhat like a pimple on its tail and a small hole on its head. 

Water parameters:

ammonia-0 / nitrites -0 / nitrates have been high which I only found out when I removed him at around 60ppm / ph is at a constant 8 


Treatment for past 2 weeks:

-20% water change every other day. So one day yes, one day no.

- each water change add 5 tablespoons of aquarium salt (only for the first week as I didn’t see much improvement) 


Now on to the 13th day he’s started eating again. Up until now he would try to eat but would spit the food out after trying to swallow it. 

He’s one of my favourite fish and would be a pain to lose him. 

Does anyone have some advice? 
He does seem to be getting better but, I’m just worried I’m not doing enough. 

maybe I should be patient and expect 30days+ until he’s back to full health? 

(Im from the UK so a lot of medicines I find online are from America. )


Any advice or past experiences would be highly appreciated 🙏 



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Sorry to hear, mate. EBAs are susceptible to stress, and can develop “hole in the head” disease quite easily. Looks like your fish has external bacterial infection on the tail.

Clean water… don’t over feed. Water quality and low stress is important. Also: careful to feed quality food. Old food can cause illness.

We’ve bred and raised hundreds here…


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By clean water, is there a way to see besides water testing? 

I test the water one day yes one day no. 

ammonia 0 / nitrites 0 /nitrates 40

ph 7.5

Im always scared to do too much of a change in case it stresses the guy too much. 
he’s in a 20 litre which I believe is roughly 10 gallons. 

Even if numbers are stable, should I do more water changes?



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