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Very round platy fish day 4 of 5 FRITZ Maracyn treatment. ParaCleanse Next?


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This is the second time I've treated this tank in two months. Not all the platys were swollen like this but several were. I've noticed that most have lost the bloated look and some never had it at all. I'm a little worried about the fact that I haven't fed them since I started the treatment but everone is still pooping green but long poops. I guess I'm asking if I'm doing the right thing to return my fish to healthiness. 


temp: 78    Nitrate: 25-50    Nitrite 0    GH 300   Kh 40    Chlorine 0    pH 7.8


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On 10/5/2022 at 3:38 PM, sankaz said:

They all have robust feces not white but very long, like, 2-3 inches!

I think it's more than likely over weight if it had pineconing or constipation then I would say you need to treat what I would do is try fasting the tank for a couple of days to see if she loses some weight 

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