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Lump on Angel fish


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PH 7.8

Ammonia, Nitrites both 0

Nitrates - see pic

KH - 10

GH - 12

Hi all, Quinn developed a lump rather quickly and I’m not sure what it is. It seems too high for constipation and (so far) no one else in the tank is showing similar or any symptoms. I’ve had Quinn for at least 3 years in this tank, yes, nitrates are high and I’ll be doing a water change when I get home tonight but this tank has always run higher on nitrates. If I do weekly h2o changes it’s usually around 40ppm. This reading is a week and half. A little history on Quinn: he (she?) lost his gourami friend Alice about 6 months ago, causing him to be a little shy. About a month after that, I added 2 electric blue acaras, realizing after the return time that they are not advised with angels. For the most part, they leave each other alone, but Quinn now spends most of his time on one side of the tank and rarely comes up to the surface anymore at feeding time. He’s still interested in eating and this lump hasn’t changed his behavior or ability to maneuver. Does it look like something that can be treated? The quarantine tank I have is only a 5 gallon and it’s be a tight fit, but I’m okay with treating the whole tank. I’ve also got Silver dollars, red angus cory’s, a mystery sucker fish, Synodontis catfish and a large danio. 75g with some live plants, 2 sponge filters and an Aquaclear hob. Any help is appreciated. Sorry so long! 




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Yeah I agree with James! It looks like a tumor to me too. However it could be some sort of internal parasites. My dwarf gourami developed a lump too and I thought it was a tumor. It looked like that for the first few weeks then it got bigger, scales were falling off, and got extremely skinny and had black and red spots on its under belly. Unfortunately I could't save it in time when I found out that it was a parasite. So for Quinn, how long does he have that lump for? Is it getting bigger over time? 

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James Black thank you! He’s very sparkly in person. I was thinking tumor, but as Ashe pointed out, also worried it might be a parasite. He’s still eating, just not from the surface but that’s not new. 

I had the same thing happen Ashe, as your gourami with a betta (separate tank) and couldn’t save him. Quinn’s had this lump for about 3 days and so far it’s not getting bigger. 

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