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Discus in light tannins

Fish Folk

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Caught my Discus looking nice in certain lighting after a water change with some added Tannins. 

This is also a recurring PSA that Discus are gorgeous, and not difficult to keep.





Just a 55 gal. Currently 5x Discus, ca. 16x German Blue Rams, 6x Siamese Algae Eaters, ca. 16x Pygmy Glowlight Barbs, and 3x Bristlenose Plecos. 2x huge Sponge filters. Added air stones. 83°-F. A million Malaysian Trumpet Snails. Going steady for a couple years with more or less stock. 1x weekly water change of 30%-50%. Hundreds of Rams have spawned from here. Thick gravel bed, Black Diamond Blasting sand on bottom, Eco Complete cap.

*good nite ya NERMs*

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