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Hi from Vermont


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Hi there!

I'm relatively new to the hobby, starting with a 10 gallon tank last Summer. Now I have 2-10 gal, 2-20 long, a 55 community tank and an empty 30 breeder in the garage. I also have one 5 gal quarantine tank in the bathroom because ... why not? Aquarium Co-op's YouTube channel and community have been incredibly helpful in the journey!  

My current stock is:

  • 55 gallon: panda corys, harlequin rasboras, pearl danios, bn pleco, clown pleco, amanos, assassin snails, one nerite, guppies, mollies
  • 20 gallon long: galaxy rasboras, guppies, yoyo loaches, hillstream loach, cherry shrimp, amano shrimp
  • 10 gallon: betta
  • 10 gallon fish quarantine and 20 gallon plant quarantine

I'm currently researching NW cichlids or shell dwellers (for the 30) and hope to setup a deck pond next summer. 

See you online! 



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20 hours ago, Streetwise said:

Welcome @MoRia. I'm so happy to finally see another Vermonter on here! I live right near exit 10.

I would encourage you to start a tank journal and show off some more photos and stories of your tanks.


Thanks! I'm in Essex. Here are some better photos of my setup. 






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