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Is this hole in the head on these 2 oscars?


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Ammonia and nitrites are 0

Nitrates about 20 according to cory's strips

7.6ph and hard water (350ppm GH)


I got these 2 oscars from my local fish store about a month ago, but since then theyve been very lethargic and at the bottom all the time. First it was the darker one, then the other tiger one followed. They dont eat almost anything, i feed xtreme big fella.


I tested my water and everything is in order, and my other assorment of Americans are completely fine and eat like piranhas. I got 2 other big oscars without any signs of hith, so i think the problem is not my water or nutrition, but eather these 2 new guys that for sone reason wont eat and are starting to get malnourished.


What should i do? Treat the whole 325g tank with something? Treat these 2 in a hospital tani? What med should i use and how do I motivate em to eat more? Afraid to lose them they're such beauties 😞




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It does look like the start of hole  I would quarantine them and treat with seachems metroplex active ingredient metronidazole is the most effective treatment for hole in the head it's more effective in food as their not eating I would dose the tank it can be link to  nutritional deficiency in they diet also suggest link between use of active carbon and hole in the head I would also recommend adding some  aquarium salt 1 table for 3 gallons that will aid Gill function and add essential and add vitachem to there food when they start eating @HenryC

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