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American flag fish survivors..


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I ordered 3American Flag Fish, and 1 died shortly after getting them.  

I am assuming from Ammonia burns based on the fact Ammonia levels in bag water were at least 8 ppm per API test and might well have been higher and the signs they were displaying.


The two surviving have recovered nicely and are swimming around the tank happily looking for Algae I assume.

I placed another order with a different seller after having an email exchange about fasting the fish prior to shipping. Package shipped today.

looking forward to getting them.  I will be pouring off a sample of bag water to test. Curious to see what ammonia levels will be with this shipment…

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I think if you add something like "Prime" or "Complete" to the bag the moment you open it, it can help a lot. Something about the pH going up when air reaches the water, and high pH making ammonia and nitrates and nitrites more harmful. 

I had a flagfish last winter and loved its busy active ways. When I was very busy taking care of my ill mother and the fish passed away do to pour tank conditions.  I just bought a pair at a LFS, one is not thriving, but the other is doing great.

They love to stare at the substrate looking for a bit of food to appear. At first I thought the fish had a problem until I figured out it was hunting. They really like algae wafers and sinking mini wafers. They will hunt down and gobble up every last baby brine shrimp you put in the tank. My first one would look like she was carrying eggs the day I fed baby brine shrimp. I also think they have helped control the guppy fry population. The guppy population exploded while I was caring for Mom, and it is my biggest problem now.

Enjoy your flagfish. 

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I'm not an expert. But as said by @KittenFishMom the oxy entering the bag when opening makes some non-toxic lvls in the water toxic. So for a next order it might be smart to keep the bag closed when acclimating the temperature of the water. After open the bag and get the fish out of it right away and put it in the tank.

If you look at the co-op YouTube channel and watch back some of the old videos from the fish send from Peru to Cory and Dean I know they do the same. I think Dean explained the reason why.

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On 10/3/2022 at 6:32 PM, Remlicht89 said:

So for a next order it might be smart to keep the bag closed when acclimating the temperature of the water.

I understand how outgassing of CO2 raises ph which converts ammonium  to ammonia.


However, my thought is that if you are looking to make a claim against loss of fish, you really ought to follow the instructions the seller gives. 

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Frustratingly new shipment of fish has seen a serious delay.  Shipped usps priority Saturday October 1 at 2:21 pm arrived at distribution center in same state Sunday October 2 at 1:50 AM.  Package sat there for 2 days.  Finally left at 12:15 AM today October 4.  Shipment was original expected to arrive today around noon.


I dont expect I will see this until Thursday now, 5 days…


definitely not happy….

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On 10/3/2022 at 6:37 PM, cavdad45 said:

When your next ones arrive, report on how well they shipped and the quality of the fish.  I am looking at those in one of my next aquariums

Second batch of fish have arrived.  I paid for 5 and received 6.

I cant say that I would give a ringing endorsement to this seller either.  Package was in shipment 4 days. Insulation appeared to be cellulose in box and the top and bottom the weight of water bag had siplaced cellulose so there was precious little between bag and box.


water temp 64 degrees.

ammonia level 16 ppm which is pretty high.API master test kit, determined by diluting bag water 50% 3 times and doing the math.

ph 6.4

KH 13 degrees

GH 33 degrees.


seller failed to disclose GH and KH are very well outside ranges reccomended for American Flag Fish.  They seem healthy enough, but it is causing concern and care issues in getting them acclimated and adjusted to my 6 degrees of KH and GH

I would not likely repurchase from this seller.

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