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Goldfish keeping advice from 1969.


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Here is advice from my Goldfish book from 1969.


There was no internet back then for the average person.ACBF10F0-E699-4DBA-A887-E917DDF8011B.jpeg.d0798234e858c1702c19222c2e12505f.jpeg Just books like these and fish shops…



thought you might like to see a complete setup circa 1969…




not a word or hint about the nitrogen cycle or cycling your tank…. Fill your tank and supress the urge to get fish for ….Two Whole days!,,  once the bubbles are gone, your water is “perfectly safe for occupancy by fish life”…






There you have it.  If you have a filter, with or without aeration, you can get 1 1/2 inch of fish per gallon of water… 

And remember, this book is specific to Goldfish….


and get the smaller ones… they will grow soon enough….


but no mention of factoring their growth in how many to get….

What is a 4 year old to do?  I have a ten gallon tank. Lets get 15!


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On 10/1/2022 at 10:32 PM, K McZongo said:

What kind of plants does the book recommend in 1969.

Val,sagittaria, Anarchis, Cabomba, Milfoil,Ludwigia, Pennywort, Bacopa, Duckweed, Salvinia, Bladderworts.


Enemies listed are water tigers and dragonfly larvae, Ich, fungus, and Dropsy. The recommendation for Dropsy is euthanasia.

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