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Gold Dojo loach possessed by Hurricane Ian


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Hello, I live on the west coast of Florida and Hurricane Ian may have caused my Gold Dojo Loach to go Michael Myers in my goldfish pond. We live just north of Sarasota area and at first Ian was to slam into us head on, but as it got closer, it kept hooking east which took us out of the range of being a direct hit. Fortunately, we are ok and nothing happened to our home. We did lose power for about 8 hours and the power save mode on the aquarium coop air pumps literally saved all my fish. I will forever be grateful for the foresight and practicality of such a device. Now onto the fish mystery. I have a 300 gallon pond with 5 fancy goldfish and 1 Gold dojo loach. The dojo loach was introduced a couple of days prior to said incident. After Ian passed and power was restored, I was able to do my runs and make sure everyone was ok. I was fairly shocked when I saw half of a ranchu’s tail missing to the cartilage, it seems. A blood red line outlines the affected area. I have since pulled it out and have her cycling through the med trio and some stress coat. I also pulled the dojo out and placed it in a 110 outdoor planted stock tank with some platies.
Now I know these are considered weather loaches, however these seems a bit extreme. I have had dojo’s before and know their behaviors fairly well. I have noticed that some can be nippy while others are downright puppy like. Please see photos below:(please disregard the glare, I’m not even a photo beginner at best)



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