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Aponogeton Crispus


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Can we talk about this plant? Ok, we're going to talk about it.🤪

This plant is awesome...and will provide cover, if you're not interested in typical floaters. I tried this plant on a whim...and am in love with it! A great corner plant to boot!






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On 10/2/2022 at 8:56 AM, PineSong said:

I love both of the aponogetons I've grown (ulvaceous and boivinianus) and that crispus looks like it will be just as fun. 

What is unique about crispus is that in theory it does not require a rest period; though i had one that suddenly either went dormant or died after 4 years. ulvaceous frequently goes dormant but i've never bothered to remove it from the aquarium. Boivinianus is suppose to require a strong dormant period or it will die but i have not removed mine from the aquarium after 3 years and it has not yet died so only time will tell... 


Another problem with crispus is that many of the ones sold in the market are actually hybrid and you don't really know exactly what plant it is you are buying....


Btw there is a red crispus you can buy. google it - it is not a 'pretty' red but it is not horrible.

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