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When they say you might get snails...


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On 10/1/2022 at 5:36 AM, Tanked said:

So grandma was right.   Little (snails) that misbehave do get sent upstate, or to the orphanage.


On 10/1/2022 at 7:50 AM, PerceptivePesce said:

Are nerite & mystery snails like the mules of snails? Some kind of hybrid that can't reproduce? 

Not at all. They are individual species of snail, not hybrids, and both are perfectly capable of reproduction, given the right environment. Mystery snails will reproduce in freshwater, and even if you get a single one, if it's a female that was housed with a male at some point in the last year-ish, there's a decent chance she'll lay fertile eggs. Nerite snails, however, live in freshwater, but they hatch in brackish. So a female might lay eggs in your tank, but unless you have a brackish water setup, the eggs won't hatch. Both mystery and nerite snails are some of the preferred types for anyone that absolutely don't want nails to reproduce and take over, because nerites just won't be able to and it's very easy to remove a mystery snail egg cluster and just not let it hatch.

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