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Catching scuds with an empty spice container and bacon


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I have a 7 gallon rimless cube aquarium filled with plants and various aquatic macroinvertabrates. The scuds love all the plants and they've been reproducing and thriving off it. The downside with all these plants is that I can't use a net very easily without scooping out all the vegetation. Also, this tank has bio soil that the scuds love to burrow in and hide whenever I try to scoop or suck them out with a turkey baster.

So instead of scooping or sucking I'm going to try trapping. I noticed the holes on a spice container are big enough for scuds to get in, and since the spice container is glass it sinks to the bottom easily. I'm going to use bacon as my first bait because I have had experience trapping crayfish from creeks with bacon and if they like it maybe scuds will too.

I'll report back tomorrow with pics and results of the scud trapping. 



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I see like 2 tiny scuds and a bunch of planaria 😬
Maybe turkey bacon was the wrong bait. I actually have a 10 gallon golden crayfish aquarium and they all ignored the turkey bacon.

I'll leave the trap in there for another 8 hours then remove and rebait it with sanfrisco bay frozen seaweed snack. Maybe something without protein will attract just scuds.


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