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Plant rec request

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A couple months ago I got a crypt wendtii, anubias nana petite & anubias coffeefolia & scarlet temple from the Co-op. Little to no melt on any of it, even the crypt! The crypt was several small plants in one planter, so I divided it up & stuck a root tab under each one. They're all producing new leaves now. Anubias is super slow growing, so not much change there, but they're doing well. I love the wide selection of anubias they have. The scarlet temple was a few stems in one pot so I was able to separate that into a couple sections too. It's more of a high-tech setup plant (& I'm decidedly low-tech), but I wanted to try it anyways. It's grown & is emersed now. 

ETA: I should add, I'm local & bought directly from the store, so no shipping. YMMV.

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On 9/29/2022 at 4:34 PM, Scapexghost said:

So, I want to order some plants from the coop for my tank, 3 bc of the discount. I'm currently thinking pink flamingo, microsword, and dwarf hair grass, but I would like suggestions.

I find those three to be of intermediate difficulty. Make sure you have good lighting and Co2 will help too. 

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