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Anybody have a Clscea CO2 generator?

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At the mix described, I get pretty optimal pressure in the bottle, essentially the max I would be comfortable with. About 26 kg/cm2 and about 325 psi on the other (they’re the same, just different units to measure it). 

I let mine get to basically 0 before I change it. As the pressure in the bottle decreases I have to mess with the needle valve to get it back to 1 bubble per second, and I just let it ride. When I open the bottles to re-mix there’s very little c02 that I “lose”. 

I pull mine from the tanks on maintenance day, rinse out the bottles and let them dry, do a new mix, and then hook them back up the following day. Essentially, I try to give it about 24 hours to let the pressure in the bottle get full before I hook it back up and adjust the needle valve to where I need it. 



These bottles were mixed last week, so obviously some has been used in the week leading up to today 

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I use a kitchen scale to ensure my measurements are proper. 

The only other thing I do is, once I have the top back on I swirl the bottle a couple of times. Directions tell you explicitly to not do this, but I haven’t had any detrimental results from it. Can’t say I recommend it as it goes directly against the directions but…

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