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2 Disasters in 6 months. 1.5K USD in dead fish


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Hello, I have suffered 2 horrible fishkeeping disasters in the past 6 months and I just want to vent.

1st disaster: I did an 80% water change as I was often do when removing gsp on my large acrylic Amazon tank with 18 wild angelfish and 500 rummmynose tetras as I often do. Little did I know that my water treatment system had broken down and my fish experienced a hardness shock with gh to swinging from 1.2 to 6+. I lost 10 angelfish and 150 tetras by the time I woke up the next morning.


2nd disaster was begotten by the first. I wanted to restore my rummynose tetra school to its former glory. But the past year my supplier went bankrupt and I had work an new deal with a local lfs to get a large amount of rummynose from a wholesaler since I am just a hobbiest. I was getting 750 Rummynose for 1050$ (Would be 500$ one year ago) with only refund guarantee for a high % DOA, not any longer. It was a gamble but Antibiotics usually save at least 60% of the tetras in the 1st week. About 25% were DOA and the rest were in a bad state when I got them. Anyway here I am one week later and I have less than 50 tetras left alive in quarantine. The supplier clearly did not care about the condition of the fish before they were shipped and wanted to churn them as fast as possible.

I am giving up on Rummynose tetras. I love their schooling but the way they are treated by wholesalers almost always results in a best case scenario of 20% death and more likely 50% or in my case 96%. That might be tolerable at 20 Cents a fish but not at 1.50$. There is a guy selling acclimated and treated wild cardinals for 1.60$ And those fish are pretty hardy when shipping. I should have spent 1k on those fish instead.






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