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New wisteria

Stan Z

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On 9/27/2022 at 5:38 PM, Stan Z said:

So I read about plants melting, etc. what does that look like? I just planted a few Wisteria in a new tank and they’re looking a little yellow. Do they just die and come back?

Many plants will melt as they go through the conversion process of transitioning from air grown to underwater grown. Wisteria actually have a completely different look in their underwater form. Give them time and they’ll come back strong. After the initial die back they’re very easy to grow. 

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Owing to @Patrick_G's aquarium picture, I guess he's a bit more qualified than me to talk about this. Anyhow...

Plant melting is a bit like going one pace back then 2 paces forward, in that aspect, as the plant needs to adapt it's leaves to the lighting conditions.

For instance: I have a 15 gallon cube to which added some dwarf hair grass, which was covered in algae a week later. One month later I have a beautiful planted shrimp paradise with the dwarf hair grass spreading out and looking great.

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