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Discord Server for Aquarium co-op &/or Aquarium Content?

BisScottie Non-Ya

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Would anyone want to see an Aquarium co-op Discord Server? 

Personally, I would love to. I can't stand Facebook as a company and I refuse to use their platform so I miss out on a lot of fish related groups (other than here of course). I think that Discord could be a great alternative to Facebook Groups.

What are your thoughts on an Aquarium co-op or Aquarium Discord Server?


(EDIT: I think this might be the wrong place to post this. Please correct me if it is.)

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1 hour ago, Sleepy said:

With regards to an official Discord Cory already stated that it would just be one more thing for them to have to moderate I think having this site pretty much serves the same purpose.

Ahhh ok. That makes sense. Thanks for the input!


1 hour ago, TheDukeAnumber1 said:

I agree with sleepy. They Co-op chat didn't make the the cut after a month, and a discord server wouldn't be wildly different than the chat that was tested or IMO provide more than this forum. Also it could potentially draw way from forum use.

I wasn't around for the chat testing but I could see why Discord wouldn't work as well as the forum. Thanks for your input!


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