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Brine Shrimp Sieve

CJs Aquatics

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Hey all, this is a 2 fold question:

1. Is it possible to clean a brine shrimp sieve and if so how? Mine has been rinsed but I have noticed it’s not draining properly due to I suppose not properly cleaning it, almost like it’s clogged up.

2. Best sieve you’ve used or made/ purchased and why it’s the best?

thanks in advanced 

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@CJs Aquatics  I find that if you rinse the dry sieve in water first by running it under the faucet, it seems to drain much faster. 

In my experience, it seems like the dry mesh surface creates some kind of boundary layer or something when water is first poured into it. If it's well wetted first so you see water draining through it, then pour your brine in, the drains properly. Unless of course they truly need cleaning.

@AnimalNerd98 The sieve that Dean uses is made by Mercer of Montana. I use them and love them. They have a store on Amazon. 

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I took a chance with this one on Amazon and have no regrets. I agree that rinsing it first makes it drain better!

Give it a quick rinse, set it in place, open the hatchery, harvest the brine, and then I give it a hot water rinse and air dry when done. 

I’ve had this one for probably a year and a half and it’s basically brand new still. 


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