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Any Chance Of An Event Announcement Forum?

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I would love to know more about hobby related events. I know quite a few people who are at the Keystone Clash right now, and Aquashella Chicago is coming up. There may be local events taking place and it could benefit the group by sharing that info. Could this forum provide a spot for posting events? 

This question is motivated by my desire to know about all the events close enough for me to travel, and because my local club has an event in two weeks and it would be nice to let my fellow Tennesseans (and those looking for a day trip) know about it. 

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Some folks have started threads for local areas. Just put your area and local happenings and folks in that area/state I’m sure will join you. I think Minnesota happenings was the first such thread. I’m going to Keystone clash tomorrow 🎉

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